Be Reasonable

Selected Quotations for Inquiring Minds

By Laird Wilcox & John George

Be Reasonable, Laird Wilcox & John George

Be Reasonable is a remarkable collection of quotations, aphorisms, and epigrams relating to beliefs, ideologies, superstitions, and fanaticism, covering more than fifteen catagories, among them:

Civil Liberties; Fanatics and True Believers; Intolorance; Individual Liberties and Personal Freedom; Mysticism and Religion; Public Opinion and Mass Media; Rationalism; Skepticism; State Power; and Utopianism, Idealism, and Reformist Zeal.

Included are selections from classic & modern authors in all literary genres, both prose and poetry, including: Brooks Adams, Aristotle, William F. Buckley Jr., G. K. Chesterton, Clarence Darrow, Henry Fielding, Thomas Jefferson, Baron de Montesquieu Friedrich Nietzsche, Thomas Paine, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Bertrand Russell, Seneca, William Shakespeare, G. B. Shaw, Jonathan Swift, Margaret Thatcher, Voltaire, W. B. Yeats, and hundreds of others.

Laird Wilcox & John George somewhere in Oklahoma
Laird Wilcox & John George somewhere in Oklahoma.

Laird Wilcox & John George — ISBN 0-87975-876-8

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